Sanako Connect, Reactored and Pronounce

Sanako Connect, Reactored, and Pronounce

The language labs and language teaching solutions to improve your students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Connectere is proud to carry Sanako range of products to support online learning.
Used in over 100 countries, 36,000 classrooms, and over 50 years of experience with language labs and co-operation with teachers, Sanako is the global leader in field of remote learning.

Discover Connect (virtual language class), Reactored (AI-assisted learning), and Pronounce (oral skills).

FREE access to Sanako Connect till Jun 2020

Language education should be accessible to everyone but because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, many schools are forced to limit their face-to-face classroom time.

Sanako offers Free subscription to Sanako Connect – our new remote language classroom solution for schools.

To get a Free subscription, visit this page and fill the form to get your access:

Sanako Connect


Are you struggling to keep track and read the tens or hundreds of badly scanned worksheets?

Are you concerned if any student really understands the class only until they take the exercise?

How would you know if your students fully understand the recorded lesson video or even the exercise questions?

While video conferencing app coupled with pre-recorded class is the closest to an actual class, this is were Sanako Connect can help.

Sanako Connect is being used in over 100 countries, 36,000 classrooms and moulded with 50 years experience.

It is built for the creation, sharing and organization of language classes, so you can easily manage your class and students’ work.

With the ease and flexibility of real-time teaching and discussion as a class, groups and individual, you can be sure there are various touchpoints with your students.

This way you can get a better understanding of the progress of your class in real-time.

With Sanako Connect, the specialised system for real-time language online class helps you manage the class, closely mimicking the physical class.

Its proprietary system allows you to interact as a class, a small group or even 1-to-1.

Right now, your school can get FREE ACCESS until Jun 2020 to have a first-hand experience of how Sanako Connect real-time online language class can help your student learn more effectively.

  • Modern Browser-based Language Lab – access anywhere on laptops, tablets and Chromebooks
  • Secured platform powered by Amazon Web Services with servers in the US and EU
  • Connects students and teacher in real-time regardless of their location
  • Agile platform for teachers to create different types of content, in any language
  • No logging-in required from students and fully compliant with data security

How Sanako Connect is used in remote teaching

  • Students and teachers access sessions from anywhere using laptop, Chromebook or tablet
  • No login details needed for the students, students join via an unique link (no data privacy issues)
  • You can pair students and add them to group discussions
  • Audio and text-based communication tools between teacher and students
  • File sharing from teacher to students
  • Exercise creation for model imitation, gap-fill exercises and much more
  • Ability to collect, review and feedback on student’s audio recordings and work

For language teachers:

Connect enables teachers to set up real-time language classes online.

Teachers can easily divide students into pair or groups, share files or create exercises online. There are many ways to communicate with students, through audio or chat. The teacher can also review students’ work and provide them with feedback.

  • Create student groups or pairs
  • Drag & drop files and create exercises to be shared with students
  • Talk with the whole class, group or individual students
  • Review student work and provide feedback

For students:

Connect allows students to join virtual language classes from any location.

The online teaching platform increases speaking time of each student comparing to traditional settings, allowing students to practice more effectively while learning a new language. Students and teachers are connected via any tablet, computer or Chromebook regardless of time and place.

  • Use your own device or any laptop, tablet or Chromebook
  • More time speaking than a traditional classroom environment
  • Send messages and talk in private, in pairs and in groups
  • Receive direct feedback from teacher

Sanako Reactored

AI-Assisted Digital Language Learning Platform

For teachers:

Reactored saves teachers’ time in exercise creation, checking and assessment evaluation.
The AI-assisted assessment tool enables the teacher to automatically evaluate assignments and exams, and to effectively monitor and guide student progress.

  • Browser-based online solution and works on any device
  • AI-assisted assessment checks help teachers to save time
  • Monitor student progress with easy to understand analytics
  • Includes ready-made lessons that can be easily customized and even converted into exams
  • Easy and fast to create your own exercises or modify the existing ones


For students:

Reactored allows each student to choose the way they want to learn the selected lesson.

They can alternate between the usage of different senses in learning and proceed at their own pace.

  • Works also on mobile and smartphones
  • Learning-style based personalization based on students’ abilities
  • All assignments involve pronunciation – helps students to understand spoken language better
  • Gamified approach keeps students motivated

Sanako Pronounce

An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

Sanako Pronounce allows you to easily transform text material into spoken audio for pronunciation and speech practice.

Pronounce combines the latest text-to-speech technology with voice recognition, creating a powerful tool for language learning. You can listen to authentic speech models, record your own voice for comparison and receive immediate feedback – all within the same software.

How Pronounce works

Pronounce automatically splits your text material into sentences.

  1. Select the voice that will read the model sentences. You can also adjust the playback speed of model audio.
  2. Listen to the model sentence and record yourself repeating it.
  3. While recording, the system is analyzing your speech. Once the recording is complete, Pronounce will automatically score your performance.
    • Green indicates that your pronunciation was correct.
    • Yellow highlight indicates your pronunciation could be improved
    • Red color indicates your pronunciation was not recognized
    • Score meter displays an overall score for the sentence
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