6 Reasons Many Singaporeans Pursue Higher Education Abroad

6 Reasons Many Singaporeans Pursue Higher Education Abroad

Despite the explosion of tertiary education institutions in Singapore, the allure of studying abroad is rapidly increasing. In fact, according to IDP Singapore’s statistics, over 2,800 Singaporeans successfully applied for student visas to study in Australia, including over 2700 student visas to study in the UK in 2017 alone. So why are many Singaporeans getting visas to study abroad? Read on to find out:

To learn a new culture

With increased globalization, you can work, travel or holiday almost everywhere in the world. In fact, most major cities in the world are increasingly becoming cosmopolitan because of globalization. Singaporeans don’t want to be left behind, which is why they are flocking colleges and universities in the west. Learning new cultures will not only help them to know other people’s way of life, but also give them an advantage when looking for highly rewarding jobs.

To explore the world

Many Singaporeans view studying aboard as an opportunity to see the world. By seeking higher education abroad, they know that they will experience a new country with extraordinary activities, customs, and outlooks. They will be able to see the unique features of that country, such as parks, museums, terrains, landmarks and other natural wonders. And the good thing about a student visa is that you can travel to another country without problems. For example, if you pursue your higher education in the U.K., you can travel to other European countries, such as France, Spain, and Italy without any problems.

To experience a different education system

Most Singaporeans study abroad to experience a different education system. Let’s face it; the education systems in the U.S. and U.K. are completely different to that of Singapore. Plus, they’re more competitive than that of Singapore. So, Singaporeans have a higher chance of getting high-paying jobs back at home if they pursue their higher education in those institutions.

To learn a foreign language

Most Singaporeans seek student visas every year to learn a new language. Although most Singaporeans can speak English, the dominant languages are Malay and mandarin. English is an international language, and many people yearn to speak it fluently. While taking English lessons can help, mingling with native speakers is the sure-fire way to master it quickly.

To develop their favourite sport

Most Singaporeans are talented in outdoor sports like Football, cricket, basketball, sailing, and swimming. So, they seek student visas to not only pursue higher education, but to take their game to the next level as well. For example, football is a very popular and rewarding sport in the U.K., so many talented football players in Singapore seek student visas to that country to develop their game.

Make friends beyond borders

The awesome part about studying abroad is that you get the opportunity to meet new friends from different backgrounds and cultures. While in college, you’ll interact with them daily and make new friends. They will give you a different perspective on life and even invite you to visit their country. This will help you build networks that will help your career or business in the future.

With different countries in Europe and America embracing globalization, expect the number of Singaporeans applying for a student visa to study abroad to increase. This is good for the country because after obtaining new skills, they can come back to help the local economy.

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