Why Study In Asia As An International Student

Why Study In Asia As An International Student

Not too long ago, Europe was the preferred destination for students looking to study abroad. However, over the last couple of years, the tide has definitely shifted and more and more international students are enrolling in universities and other institutions of higher learning across Asia.

One of the primary reasons why Asia has become such a popular destination for overseas studies has everything to do with economics. Here is a highlight of some of the top reasons why, as an international student, you can focus more on your education, and a little less on how much you will spend getting that quality education

1. Lower Tuition Fees

Compare the tuition fee charged in Asian universities with what is charged in universities in other places around the world, and you will have trouble noticing the big gap. Since a big chunk of what you will be spending on your education experience will be towards tuition, it is easy to see why these lower tuition fees area sure incentive for international students.

2. Lower Cost Of Living

Getting through the school year on a budget shouldn’t be too difficult if you are taking your studies in Asia-based institutions, thanks to the lower cost of living. Food is affordable, and you won’t need to break the bank for your social indulgences. Additionally, even if you decide to live off campus, the cost of accommodation is quite affordable.

3. More Programs In English

Most counties across the Asian continent use their native languages as their official languages. Students go through the education system, learning in this language. This could be very problematic for foreign students, who would need to start off their studies b learning the official language.

Foundational language programs can take anywhere from a couple of months to a full year, or even more. These courses are not free, not to mention the cost of living during this time. Fortunately, with programs being offered in English, taking these courses becomes unnecessary, and you can avoid all the costs that come with it.

4. Internationally Recognised Programs

Earning a degree at an institution away from home, only to get back home and discover that it is not recognized in your own country can be very frustrating. In most cases, you may need to enroll for further studies once you are home in order to even be on the same footing as your peers who studied locally. These further studies will cost you money.

Fortunately, universities all across Asia have invested heavily in ensuring that their programs meet the highest global standards. Your hard-earned undergraduate or postgraduate qualification will be enough on its own merit.

Whether you are a local or international student, the pursuit of education can be an expensive affair. As an international student with several options to choose from, you no doubt want to choose a destination that you can comfortably afford. That said, Asia stands out as one such destination to consider for a quality, yet affordable education and student life.

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