5 Of The Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees In Universities Worldwide

5 Of The Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees In Universities Worldwide

An opportunity to cultivate a flexible set of skills that opens up to a lucrative and rewarding career is among the primary reasons that drive popularity of specific university programs. It is always crucial to choose a program you are passionate about and which lines up perfectly with what you hope to pursue as a career. Unless it adds real value, your university education will otherwise become a waste of your precious time and energy.

What then are some of the most popular undergraduate degrees in universities worldwide? Without going into an exhaustive list of the specific programs, here is a look at the most popular majors and the options you can pursue.

1. Business and Management Degrees

Business is a very diverse field that leaves students with a long list of focus areas to choose from. Business subjects and programs at the underground level include business administration, marketing, economics and accounting. Each program offers an opportunity for course specialization at graduate level.

2. Medicine and Health Sciences

Yet another very diverse field, there are endless options to explore when it comes to a career path in medicine and the health sciences. These options include general medicine, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy and rehabilitation, diagnostic medicine, pathology and much more.

Practitioners is the health and medical profession have always been highly regarded in society, which is why programs in this class are popular. These programs are also popular because there are so many students looking to make a real impact in the world as far as far as the dispensation of health services is concerned.

3. The Humanities and Social Sciences

Coming in third among the most popular university and college majors are the Arts and Humanities. Most popular disciplines in this category include education, psychology, history, political science, language and linguistics, sociology, law, and anthropology among others. Students find these disciplines especially interesting because they deal with everyday social life, down from the very beginning of time to date.

4. Engineering Degrees

The engineering discipline has four primary branches, namely mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and chemical engineering. Under each primary branch are multiple sub disciplines, as well as multi-disciplinary programs that combine subjects from the different branches. Engineering has always been considered a prestigious career path. That and the perception of how lucrative and rewarding the profession is, it is no wonder that engineering ranks among the top five most popular university degrees.

5. Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Also known as just the life sciences, this broad area includes botany, zoology, genetics, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology and neuroscience among other subject areas. The study of life and living organisms is a very interesting subject and that is why these programs are very popular. The knowledge is applicable in a wide range of industries, meaning that graduates will also have numerous opportunities to choose from for their career paths. These programs also offer an opportunity to improve the quality of life, which is ultimately the goal of pursuing knowledge.

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