Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children Abroad For Studies

Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children Abroad For Studies

Most parents want a better life for their children. In many cases, this means making sure their children get the best education they can afford. But that is easier said than done when good education these days, especially foreign university learning, comes with such a prohibitive price tag.

Nevertheless, today’s parents are willing to not only spend a fortune educating their children, they are also willing to send them thousands of miles away to further their education.

So, what are the top reasons parents today send their children abroad for studies?

1. To Have Better Language Skills

It’s no secret that people who have studied abroad, which essentially means attending Western colleges and universities, take lots of pride in their near-native language skills. This is because it makes them especially desirable back home where they stand out in a big way socially and professionally.

2. Better Career Opportunities

A resume that indicates that someone studied at a world-renowned learning institution is pure gold in the job market. When a prospective employer sees that an applicant has been to a globally respected learning institution, they undoubtedly pay more attention.

The value of an employee who came from a highly esteemed educational institution is a strong hiring factor for many employers. This is especially so because many such employees had during their school days, gained internship experience at large and successful companies before coming back home.

3. It’s Now Easier – Thanks To Technology

Saying goodbye, even though it’s for a couple of years, was enough to make most parents give up the idea of sending their children abroad. But that was in the past when only a few parents did it. Now, with communications made cheap and easy through smartphones via video calls and social networks, staying in touch with a beloved child is near seamless. This has helped alleviate some resistance, making overseas studies a mainstream option today.

4. To Experience Cultural Diversity

Even if there is enough good learning institutions locally, some parents will still prefer for their children to go abroad for studies in order to experience and embrace diversity. For instance, many Chinese parents are sending their children to Singapore schools. That is because they believe that cultural diversity is important in building well-rounded individuals who will be better prepared for an increasingly globalized world.

5. For Better Quality Education

Many top learning institutions are gathered in a handful of countries in the world. And for those families who do not reside in any one of those key educational hubs, the only option is to send their kids abroad if a top quality education is so desired.

6. It’s a Good Financial Investment

A good education holds good promise of better paying jobs. Though not the rule, that’s definitely a norm. And in a couple years time, the money invested in acquiring that education is usually paid back many times over. That probably explains why many parents are willing to invest in good education for their children, even when it means stretching their finances to send them to a good quality overseas school.

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