What’s the most fundamental skill required for education that many have neglected?

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Do you know that English language proficiency can make or break one’s education success?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, by just improving one’s English language proficiency level, one would experience a boost in other subjects as well?

Whether you are a student, a parent or an educator, Connectere has the right assessments to guide you in your English language learning journey.

Find out about our core assessments here.

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TOEFL Advantage

Gives You the Advantage

Most Widely Accepted, Most Popular and Most Convenient Choice for English language test.

TOEFL Institution

9,000 institutions and Counting!

Trusted in 130 countries with more than 30 million test takers.

TOEFL information English learning

Reliable and Comprehensive

Test results with information to guide you in your English language learning journey.

TOEFL selection

Unique scoring methods

Reliable method trusted by institutions worldwide in selecting high-quality candidates.

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TOEFL Junior

TOEFL Junior

REGISTER FOR THE TOEFL TEST HERE TOEFL® Young Students Series Now more than ever, countries […]

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TOEFL Primary

TOEFL Primary

TOEFL® Young Students Series Now more than ever, countries are introducing English as a second […]

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The SAT tests are designed to: Measure the essential ingredients for college and career readiness and […]

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The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation service is a web-based, instructor-led writing tool that helps students […]

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