What To Expect In Your New Career In Human Resources

In Asia and in other parts of the world, the human resources department has different roles and functions across different organisations but despite the varying functions, they all have certain common basic functions too. This article lists out the basic functions of the human resources unit in virtually all companies.


This is the function that comes to everybody’s minds when talking about the HR department. Of course, you can’t get hired by any company without passing through the department. They make the advertisement of vacant positions and they review resumes and invite applicants for test and interviews. They also recruit the best hands after the interview. In short, they are the company’s entrance.

Termination of Employees’ Appointment

HR department also fires people. If they are the entrance into the company, they should also be the exit. So, they fire employees based on the company’s policies. Employees could be fired for bad conduct and they could be fired because of re-organisation.

Risk Management

The department ensures the workplace is safe for everyone and if there is anything around that is posing a threat to employees’ safety and security, it is the HR department’s responsibility to get rid of it. Remember if any accident occurs, the victim of the accident can sue the company for negligence if the accident is foreseeable.

Determination of Employees’ Compensation and Benefits

Based on the acceptable standards all over the world, the department determines employees’ salary, allowance, and other entitlements like annual leave, gratuity, and severance package. If it becomes necessary for some employees to work for additional hours or days, the HR department will determine how they will be compensated for it.

Formulation of Company Policies

This department formulates the companies policies and continuously updates or changes them as and when due. Some policies are changed because of certain occurrences. They don’t only formulate policies, they also brief existing and new employees on them. After a new policy has been formulated, the department tenders it for management’s approval. Once it is approved, they will disseminate the information to members of staff through emails, distribution of handbooks, or through a meeting.

Training and Development

Regular training of staff is very important to every organisation. The better employees get at their jobs, the more productive the company will be. So, it is the HR department that will suggest the necessary training for each unit. After getting approval, they will make arrangement for the training. Even the HR department also arranges regular training for themselves to get better at their job.

Strategic Management

They discuss with the management team to decide on the companies short term and long term goals and they also work on the strategies to achieve the goals.

In summary, the HR department of every company is responsible for strategic management, training and development, formulation of company policies, fixing employees’ compensation and benefits, risk management, recruitment, and termination of employees’ appointment. You will agree that they need a certain level of autonomy to discharge their duties properly. This is why the HR department is undoubtedly the most powerful department in the workplace!