5 Easy Tips For A Successful Onboarding Of New Employees

Getting your new hire fully on board requires more than just doing the basic orientation and giving them some material including the employee handbook. An elaborate onboarding process for new employees is absolutely crucial if you hope for the latest addition to your team to perform well on the job. It also impacts on employee retention.

Seeing as how crucial onboarding new staff members is, how do you go about doing effectively? Here are a few pointers that have proved to work.

1. Set Up Before They Get There

It can be quite disorienting for new employees to come to work ready for the challenge ahead only to be met by obvious unpreparedness on the part of the company. Ensure that the new hire’s workstation or office is fully set up. Have their access cards ready. Have their work email set up, and their telephone line connected. First impressions go both ways, and with effective onboarding of new employees, it starts with the seemingly little things.

2. Make Formal Introductions

Don’t leave the new employees to introduce themselves to other members of the team. You can choose to introduce the new hire to the team at once during, say, a coffee break, or walk with them around the workplace as you introduce the other staff members.

It helps to point out what it is that you hope the new hire will bring to the table, as this is a real confidence boost. Depending on the size of your team, it may be impossible to conduct all the introductions in one day, however, ensure that you do so within the first week. Again, remember to start with those staff members that your new hire will be working with directly.

3. Assign A Mentor

Having someone to offer some counsel as and when needed can go a long way in helping your new hire to adjust. That someone is a mentor that will walk the new employee through all there is to know about your workplace attitude, expectations and overall way of doing things. When choosing mentors for your new employees, go for someone who is friendly and easy to approach.

4. Schedule Training

Assigned mentors will in a way, provide not just guidance, but training for your new hires. However, that shouldn’t be enough. Formal training sessions with internal and external facilitation and conferences will help to better prepare your new staff for the job that lies ahead. Refresher courses will also help in sharpening their skills and will boost their confidence.

5. Make It An On-going Process

You may put your best foot forward during the first few days of your new employee’s arrival, but the reality is that effective onboarding is a continuous process. Long after you are done with the orientation and introductions, be sure to check up on your new hire. Check on how well they are adapting to their new job and workplace, and if they have any concerns to raise.

Effectively onboarding new staff is a crucial for any business or company, regardless of the industry or scale of operation. With the highlighted tips and more, successful onboarding is a guarantee.