Start 2019 With An Environmentally Responsible Workplace

The public has become much more aware and concerned with the environment in recent times. There is a growing trend of consumers and customers who actively avoid products or services that have adverse environmental and health effects.

From a corporate and sales perspective, it is wise for managers to start adopting green initiatives. Besides, sustainability programs and green efforts can be easier and cheaper than most people might think.

Start with research

Today’s business operations are swamped with a huge volume and variety of tasks, making it challenging to identify problem areas. A thorough research and investigation, however, is essential to a successful sustainability programme. By taking the time to really get into the details and processes in the organisation, you are setting up a good foundation on which to create an effective green initiative.

Observe the action

Observing what is going on in your office clues you in to the specific areas where waste is high and who is involved. Common blunders include leaving lights, computers and other electrical items on while they are not in use, printing out unneeded copies and throwing away recyclables such as the boxes for your paper. Once you know what’s happening, you can communicate what you’ve observed with your employees and work cooperatively to develop a plan for change.

Set up an inventory management system

Sometimes waste runs rampant in an office simply because people aren’t truly aware of how much they are using over time. Inventory management systems ensure you don’t buy too much of what is needed, and they keep your employees accountable for the volume consumed. Depending on how you are set up, you can use either manual or automated inventory management options. Neither is necessarily better than the other. Manual choices usually are low-cost and are simple enough for most employees to use with minimal training, but they can be slower and are more prone to human error. Automated ones save time and can reduce the number of people who need to be present or involved, but comes with a higher price tag.

Form a green committee

Committees can help make employees more aware of their resources and environmental habits in the office. They also can organize meetings, surveys and policies directly related to sustainability. These kinds of groups ensure that there are specific people who can be held accountable for improving the situation, and that employees have specific individuals they can turn to with concerns or suggestions. It is also their role to celebrate the green and sustainability milestones or goals your office members achieve. Very often, being on one of these committees helps an employee feel much more proactive and personally involved, as well.

Provide support and resources

Want people to recycle paper? Give them portable bins they can keep close to their workstations. Want them to stop printing everything? Get a software program that lets your workers easily forward documents through a chat or email client or save a digital copy. You’ll need to think about the way your company operates to determine what kinds of tools would be most helpful to your sustainability efforts.