Managing and Motivating Millennials At Work

While some sources classify millennials as those born from as early as 1976, most classify the millennial generation as those who were born after 1980, up till the year 1997.

This generation of workers is fun to work with. And they bring with them talents and skillsets that are crucial for a company to grow in this digital age.

To help millennials contribute their strengths to help the company grow, managers and HR must first have a good understanding of this creative and independent generation, and figure out how to create a conducive workplace where they can excel. In fact, the best way to find out is to speak directly with them – being the youngest, they’re one of the easiest people in the organisation to communicate with and extract ideas from!

Millennials are brought up in an environment where rewards and consequences are relatively fair and clear. They are viewed as dedicated workers, with high expectations from the company in terms of promotions and opportunities in return for their contributions.

Millennials are known to excel in flexible environments, where arrangements such as remote work and flexible hours are especially appealing to them. Afterall, millennials are digital pioneers with savvy digital skills to comfortably communicate and fulfill their work responsibilities outside a traditional office environment.

While every individual behaves and responds to things differently, here are some key traits and shared characteristics that are commonly seen in millennials :


Millennials are motivated by on-going career opportunities for growth and advancements.

Work Principles

They are strong believers and advocates of work-life balance. While generally hardworking and dedicated, millennials are not ready to trade in friends and family relationships in exchange for rewards or progression.

Key Strengths

Highly tech savvy. They’re the best resources to help the company conceptualise and apply digital solutions to problems.

Strong, expressive communicators. And being the youngest, they’re easily the best people in the organisation to look for to generate ideas or gather feedback from.

Miilennials are team-players and can be counted upon as great team members in any collaborative work arrangement.


As mentioned, millennials value ongoing rewards in terms of continuous career growth and progression. Put them on a stagnant path and they’ll get impatient and look elsewhere to fulfill their aspirations.

Communication styles

Millennials are heavy users of digital communication channels, in fact, they are the pioneers when it comes to anything internet. They prefer to communicate via instant messaging and social media platforms over face-to-face interactions anytime of the day.