5 Questions To Kick-Start Your Overseas Education Planning

5 Questions To Kick-Start Your Overseas Education Planning

Considering an overseas education for yourself or for your child? Here are a few key questions to help kick-start the brainstorming process!

What are the popular destinations for a rewarding overseas education?

According to goabroad.com, the 10 most sought-after destinations to study abroad in 2017 were Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Argentina and Costa Rica.

These countries made their way into the top 10 list for various different reasons including affordability, great local culture, the competitive value it brings to your resume, world-class educational standards or even for the beautiful natural landscapes. If you are just setting out not knowing where you want to go, starting your shortlist with these 10 most popular destinations might be your best bet.

How much can I afford and how will it be funded?

Your total budgetary requirements vary widely based on where you eventually decide to go. A business degree in China’s Peking university requires as little as US$15,000 to complete, and that’s including accommodation and living expenses. In comparison, a business degree in Australia will cost you (or your parents) more than US$45,000. If cost is a factor (like it is for most people), do your calculations and funding considerations as early as possible in the entire planning process, preferably right at the beginning so you’ll have a better idea of your options for further considerations.

What are the entry requirements of my ideal institutions?

Almost every university has a section on their website that spells out their entry requirements. It is important to note here that entry requirements, even when it is for the same course in the same university, are different and are listed in accordance to your home country. Thus, be sure you are checking up the right information that’s specific to your country of origin.

What are the planning and preparations involved?

Preparing to study and live overseas for the next few years is much more than packing your bags and getting on a plane. You are leaving your comfort zone, and settling down for an extended period of time far away from your family and friends. In other words, you are pretty much on your own once you are there. Thus, it is essential to plan as much as you can before flying over. The more research and preparation work you do, the better equipped and informed you will be once you arrive.

Things that you should research and read up on as much as you can include the history and recent news about the city, the seasons and climate, local laws and safety advisories, customs and ways of life of the locals, ease of getting around, costs of living, food varieties and availability, recreational activities and places and more.

Am I prepared to adapt in a culture and environment that’s very different from mine?

How quickly a foreign student can adapt to his or her new environment varies from person to person. But regardless of whether you’re an adventurer who have traveled extensively, or one who has never left home, you’re in for a culture shock especially during the first few weeks (or months) there! The question to ask yourself is whether you’re prepared to soak in and embrace the differences and strive to adapt to your new life as fast as you can. Afterall, your happiness level and your general state of mind will no doubt play a major role in your academic success.


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