Scholarships in Asia For International Students

Scholarships in Asia For International Students

The traditional path for students wishing to continue their education abroad is to head to nations such as the UK, USA and Australia. Also popular are Canada and mainland Europe. Many students do this in search of a better education, but did you know there are fantastic opportunities available for students in Asia?

Asian education institutions are amongst the best in the world. There are opportunities for a high quality education, provided for free. To make the move easier, there is financial aid given to students, making studying in Asia even more appealing.

Here is a selection of scholarships in Asia for international students.

Government Scholarships

Malaysian International Scholarships

Malaysian International Scholarship is designed to recruit the best and brightest students from around the world, allowing them to study in the country through to PhD level. The package includes air tickets from the students capital city to Malaysia, tuition costs, monthly allowance, annual grant for travel and educational books, medical insurances, installation and termination grant, thesis allowance and all relevant visa costs.

Taiwan Government Scholarships

The Taiwanese Ministry of Education offers scholarships through a number of different degree levels, from Bachelors, Masters, and even PhD. The money provided covers the student requirements, paying tuition and academic fees, leaving a small subsistence allowance for daily life.

Chinese Government-Bilateral Program for International Students

Chinese Government Scholarship includes either full or partial financial assistance to students. The program supports degrees of all levels. Full scholarship includes education costs, a monthly living allowance, subsidies and insurance. The partial scholarship package includes some of the full scholarship funding – details on request.

Singapore International Graduate Award

The Singapore International Graduate Awards are given to international students with outstanding academic achievements. The award allows financial assistance for a maximum of 4 years worth of PhD study and research. Tuition fees, monthly living, a new country settlement fee and air travel grant are also provided by the award.

Japanese Government Scholarships

Japanese Government scholarships are offered to international students wishing to further their studies at Japanese universities as both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It’s a generous scholarship, covering a living allowance, significant travelling costs and tuition fees.

Turkiye Scholarships for International Students

The Turkish government offers scholarships to students wishing to study full-time degree programmes from undergraduate through to PhD. The package offers a monthly allowance of 600 TL for undergraduate, 850 TL for master and 1200 TL for PhD students. Also included are all tuition fees, a year-long Turkish language course, free accommodation, air travel home and back plus medical insurance.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme for International Students

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship is for outstanding students wishing to study for their PhD in HK. The scholarship includes monthly allowance of HK$20,000 (approximately US$2,600) and a research travel budget of HK$10,000 (approximately US$1,300) every year for three years.

Korean Government Scholarships

The Korean government is offering students the chance to study at Korean Universities. It’s a partly-political move, helping to educate global leaders and strengthen Korean networks overseas. The package includes tuition, travel, medical insurance and a monthly allowance. More information can be found at Korean Government Scholarships for Undergraduate Students, Korean Government Scholarships for Postgraduate Students

Asian University Scholarship Awards

KAIST International Student Scholarship

The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology offers an international student undergrad and postgrad overseas students. The scholarship is generous, covering all tuition, monthly living allowance and even medical insurance. More information can be found at KAIST Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students and KAIST Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

The University of Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students

Funding is available to international students who apply to study at The University of Hong Kong. Funding is awarded on academic merit. There is however acknowledgement of non-academic achievements. The scholarship can fund as much as full tuition and living expense.

Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarships

The Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarships offer financial support to specifically third year undergrad students, masters, and PhD students. The scholarships range from 3,000-10,000 RMB.

National University Singapore ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships

The ASEAN Undergrad Scholarship is specifically for 1st year, outstanding students from ASEAN member countries (excluding Singapore). The package includes tuition fees (after MOE Tuition Grant Subsidy) and an annual living allowance of $5,800.

The University of Tokyo Fellowships for International Students

The University of Tokyo Fellowships offers research funding to postgraduate international students. The award is open to high achievers only. They are then supported with their academic studies at the University. Successful applicants receive a monthly research assistance of ¥150,000-¥200,000 during the year of their study.


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