Are Overseas Education Consultants Useful?

Are Overseas Education Consultants Useful?

What are overseas education consultants? How can they help? Good questions, and if you are planning on studying overseas, you’re wise for having asked. Let’s take a look at the answers.

Who are overseas education consultants?

Briefly, an overseas education consultant is someone who has broad knowledge of various career and educational opportunities.

Their job is to give you solutions after identifying your needs as a student. This means they can help you design and customize your overall master career and educational plan.

Education consultants are also accredited, which means they are certified able to provide you with the right solutions. They have undergone a rigorous process by one or more professional associations in the educational industry.

What can education consultants do for you as an international student?

An education consultant acts as the bridge between you and your educational destination, often providing the vision that helps you determine where you want to go and how you want to get there.

An education consultant may help explain the culture differences you can expect, preparing you better for your experience.

Since they have extensive information about career and educational opportunities, they can help make sure you make a fully informed decision. They can address your expectations and ensure that what you expect is what you get.

Education consultants can also help you with practical considerations, such as:

  • saving money, by helping you take advantage of bursaries and scholarships)
  • cultural exposure, by organizing tours and excursions
  • study abroad preparation, by setting up post-arrival and pre-departure orientations, and
  • giving you an impression of life as an international student by putting together a university study tour

Overseas education consultants can help in emergencies

At the same time, education consultants can also help in emergency situations.

Since the job of a consultant is to help guide you through every step, they are also quite useful when the unexpected happens. They can be an emergency contact in the event of flight cancellations, sickness, or the like.

Additionally, consultants will educate on what to do in academic emergencies:

  • What can you do for extra help if you lag behind in your courses?
  • What should you do if unforeseen reasons mean your enrolment is cancelled?
  • What procedures do you need to follow if an emergency situation compels you to return home temporarily?
  • What do you need to check and follow if you have missed a deadline, or if a visa renewal or course intake date is coming up?

Education consultants can help with student visas

Unfortunately, if visas are not handled correctly, they can lead to significant complications. The role an educational consultant plays in visa matters is crucial to ensuring your time as a student overseas is trouble free and doesn’t represent a black mark on your immigration record.

Specifically, consultants can:

  • Help you understand and meet the criteria for successful grant of a student visa
  • Help you interpret visa conditions and understand how to follow them
  • Aid you in preparing for and doing well in visa and university interviews. (Simply knowing you have professional preparation can significantly improve your confidence as an international student, which in turn goes a long way towards getting you a visa.)
  • Help you extend your student visa once you are onshore.

Of course, education consultants also act as your friend as well as your first onshore contact. They can help organize your accommodation, get you through culture shock, help you with socializing and give you networking opportunities, and give you access to their social circle so you can overcome inhibitions and loneliness.

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