10 Ways To Build A Company People Wants To Work For

10 Ways To Build A Company People Wants To Work For (Part 1)

There’s certainly no doubt that it can be hard to attract and compete for top-notch candidates these days. However, despite the talent crunch, companies should still strive to hire individuals who share the same beliefs in terms of the company’s overall mission, values, and purpose.

Here are 10 factors that can affect your company’s ability to attract and keep the best people in the industry.

1. Purpose and Mission

It’s certainly no secret that people nowadays should strive to understand why a company does what it does. A company should be able to clearly communicate its purpose and goals, which can help candidates and employees understand and believe in the overall mission their work is contributing towards.

2. Creativity

No matter the type of job or specific duties involved, there should always be some form of creative thinking involved in the process. This will enable people to feel connected and love the work that they do. According to recent studies, approximately 50% of today’s workforce aren’t actually engaged in the job – all they simply do is show up! As a leader, it’s your responsibility to provide them with some form of creative opportunities that will allow them to become more engaged.

3. Reward and Recognition

These factors should always be both intrinsic and extrinsic in nature, meaning that in an extrinsic sense, your employees should be recognised publicly for the job that they do, as well as receive rewards such as praise and bonuses from management. Intrinsically, employees should always feel motivated while on the job, which will not only help them to feel more connected to their work, but it will also provide them with a great deal more opportunity for personal growth as well.

4. Growth in Career

When it comes to younger companies, this is something that is never easy. It takes a great amount of both strategy and time to come up with a reasonable organizational structure that helps to build a great career path. It’s also extremely important to be able to show potential talent not only where they can go, but exactly how they can get there as well. In order to do this, all of the right resources must be provided.

5. Innovation

Consider giving your employees the opportunity to come up with all sorts of ideas for different projects that could not only improve the company, but also benefit customers and the entire community as well. This is a move that could prove to be extremely popular and generate a ton of interest. Always be sure that this is something done during work hours only.