How Tech Is Improving Recruiting and Hiring

How Tech Is Improving Recruiting and Hiring

It is true that technology is disrupting almost all sectors of business. From Uber in transportation to Airbnb in accommodation, today, there is a great deal of process automation that has completely changed the way we do business. It is safe to say that technology has improved the way we operate in the world.

Recruitment and hiring processes have also been impacted by various technological changes for the better.

Here are some highlights on how tech is improving recruiting and hiring.

Technology has improved access to candidates

One of the most painstaking parts of recruitment and hiring is getting your job advert in front of the right set of eyes. Finding potential candidates who perfectly fit the job description and requirements used to take a long time and cost quite a bit of money.

This is no longer the case.

With professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and even Facebook, today, getting your job advert in front of the right candidates is as easy as posting it online and in the right forums. This enables you to get referrals from current or former employees who know exactly what your company might need and can match those requirements to job seekers within their networks.

Technology has improved the response time

Any company looking to attract the best candidates in the field needs to act as professionally as they would expect those candidates to act once their contracts begin. Unfortunately, most companies ruin their reputation by failing to respond to applications or to communicate with potential candidates because, quite frankly, the HR department gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications.

The fact that most applications are done online today means that any serious company can set up an auto-responder acknowledging that the candidate’s application has been received and that the company will personally contact qualified candidates within a specific period.

This makes the recruiting process fluid and more user-friendly. After the set period of time, any candidate who does not hear back from the company can automatically assume that they did not make the shortlist. This minimizes the number of inquiry emails and phone calls that companies get and allows the HR departments to proceed with the recruitment process in a fluid and more efficient manner.

Technology has made it easier to find the perfect match

A big part of the recruitment process is trying to determine whether or not a candidate has the potential to fit into the corporate culture of the recruiting company. These qualities go beyond what can be stated in a resume.

By setting up culture-related questions on your online recruitment portals, you can cut the time needed to find the right cultural match considerably thus making it easier to focus on people who show great potential to fit right into the company.


Other improvements that technology has brought to the recruitment industry include:

  • Easy access to references.
  • Faster response time from both parties.
  • Shorter job postings are preferred thus saving the time recruitment departments take to create elaborate job descriptions.
  • Machine learning and gamification of the recruitment process has made it easier to screen candidates who have the right aptitude.

Finding the right employees is a form of art and a science. Technology has made it possible for recruitment firms and companies to marry the two ideas and create the perfect formula to find the right candidates faster.